We Llama Fiesta!

Raise your hand if llamas are your favorite new animal! If so, you’ve come to the right place because we are so excited to show you the cutest llama birthday party setup!!

We Llama Fiesta Birthday Party

Our favorite things we think you’ll also love about this llama decor:

  • The colors

  • It’s great in an indoor or outdoor setting

  • It’s gender neutral, with color customization available

  • It’s easy to set up

  • Makes a cute home party. (Is this social distancing throwing off your big birthday party plans? Check out our blog post: How to Make the Most of a Birthday Party During Covid-19)

My absolute favorite element is the pom pom garland. You don’t see many that are as fluffy and large as this one and the colors are just so fun! We see a lot of party set ups that are just too busy with too many elements competing for your attention or clashing with each other. The vibrant colors of this theme allow you a clean, simple look while also being exciting!

This is the perfect party theme going into summer with its bright colors, groovy llamas, and many cacti!

Complete the look:

  • Balloons with Decor Dash's fabulous custom balloon stickers

  • A fun, colorful table runner

  • Party favors. Find great ideas you love on Pinterest.

  • Letter board

  • Activities! We are currently adding to our list of fun llama party games, but you can find our current ones here!

  • Fun juice. Here’s some awesome ideas to try this summer!

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